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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 3, Page 6
Gentry and Aristocracy, Men: C
eremonial & Vocational

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Lower Class Women and Men Gentry and Aristocracy, Women Gentry and Aristocracy, Men The Whole Look: Accessories Costume Focus: Women's Headwear & Neckwear

All of the following images open in a new window for a detailed study. All of them are details taken from paintings and they are all from the 1660s except where indicated.

As mentioned on the first page of the lesson, there are garments that are distinctly associated with ranks and offices. I shall call this use here 'ceremonial' for lack of a better word, since professional would come into this as well.

Page of Minister Seguier, France. The youth is wearing what by this time is old fashioned, but he is in a page livery, which remained for many with the short trunk hose of the 16th century. Abundant use of gold braid on the clothing.
This page though is dressed in fashionable attire. Short doublet with slit sleeves of blue silk and petticoat breeches. The plumed hat is held in his hand. Obviously, the minister adorned his pages partly with the traditional costume, partly with a fashionable livery. France.
The gold braid running down the side seems and hem of the wide petticoat breeches are well visible here, so is the heavy broad gold braid at the slit of the sleeves. France.
Two more pages in the traditional trunk hose and silk tight hose outfit with gold braids and ribbons. France.
Minister Seguier himself, dressed in golden silk ministerial robes. Parasols are held over him and his hat is adorned with gold braid. France.
Charles II in coronation robes of cloth of silver and tight silk stockings. The cut is the traditional 16th century trunk hose but now adorned with silk and silver ribbons. The shoes have jewelled buckles and he wears and holds the royal insignia. England.
The Duke of Albermarle in the coronation procession of Charles II. All of the cloaks are heavily laden with gold braid. England.
Men in livery in the foreground, the soldiers in red. Coronation procession.
Gentlemen of rank on horses and their footmen, usually of genteel birth, in liveries amongst them.
Charles II himself on his Coronation procession. He wears the gold braided cloak and his hat is very tall, adorned with plumes.
Footmen in livery. Coronation procession.
Footmen in livery. Coronation procession.
Minister Colbert from France in ministerial black robes.  

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