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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 3, Page 5
Gentry and Aristocracy, Men: Military

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All of the following images open in a new window for a detailed study. All of them are details taken from paintings and they are all from the 1660s except where indicated.

This small collection is intended to give you a little insight into the military side of clothing. In this period only the common soldier was wearing a uniform, the officer still had the right to choose his own clothing.

Colonel John Russel Wright in buffcoat, baldrick with brush fringe and voluminous shirt, as well as laces and gold lacing. England.
Officer and soldiers. The officer wears fashionable clothing to his own taste while the soldiers are dressed in their uniforms.
Regiment of Danish soldiers at a parade for the king in Copenhagen. Denmark.
Soldiers and Lieutenant, the latter wearing what appears to be a buffcoat and his white sash around his waist denotes rank. Denmark.
Detail of Officer of the same painting as on the top right. The sash across the chest denotes his rank.
Different version of the same painting to the left.
Sir John Harman, Naval Officer in a buffcoat which is laced all over with gold braid. Buff leather sword belt. England.
Soldier, but he must be of a higher rank according to his garments with a most peculiar cravat of a stripe cloth. He is wearing a buffcoat and an intricately embroidered baldrick. Holland.
Three officers in the latest long coats. One wears the gorget, a sign of rank. England. 1661
Officer on horseback with a tall hat and large plumes.
Cavalry on horseback but with muskets. England.
Dutch Officer in a buffcoat with gold lace on his sleeves, see the extant buffcoat. He is wearing a breastplate over the coat. Holland.
Louis XIV on horseback in the middle of a siege. He is wearing a richly plumed hat and brocaded coat. France.
Officer in buffcoat with red sash and breastplate over the coat. Gold laced sleeves with turn back cuffs and white silk lining.
Officer of Tangier wearing the long coat and many ribbons o his clothing.
Two soldiers in tangier, drawn by Wenceslaus Hollar. They are already wearing the long coats. England.
Two Officers at Tangier. England.
Anthony Ashley Cooper in buffcoat and with breastplate. He wears his sash around his waist. England.

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