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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 3, Page 3
Gentry and Aristocracy, Men: Underpinnings: Shirts

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Fine line shirts were the pride of a gentleman and in the 1660s those were shown wherever possible. Not only at the cuffs but also the sleeves and the body as well. There are numerous ways of wearing the shirts and below you will find many of them. Do have a look at each and every of those and it will give you a good feel for the period, the luxury of the linen and lace.

Killigrew in a shirt with wide cuffs and black ribbons at the wrists.
Billowy sleeves peep through the slit in the doublet that is worn underneath the buffcoat.
Shirt billows out from underneath the short doublet. Sleeves are held in by lack ribbons between elbow and wrist, at the wrist as well and have large laced cuffs.
Ribbons and lace as well as lacing along the slit at the neckline. French.
Sleeves held in by ribbons at the lower arm. Cuffs falling back to reveal luxurious lace and an abundance of material in the sleeves come through the slit doublet sleeve.
Double tier cuffs. Ribbons with loops in bunches holding in the sleeve.
James, Duke of York draped in the luxurious widths of his shirt.
Moderately small cuff of a Dutch Protestant gentleman.
Ribbons on the wrists, cuffs falling back over the arms.
Sleeves coming out from under the turned back cuffs of the coat.
No cuffs, but wristbands and wide sleeves in this informal painting.
Very wide cuffs with lace edging and the sleeves are soft and billowy. Cuffs falling back and revealing ribbons at the wrists.
Abundance of different laces and folds of fine linen.
Black ribbons at the wrist closing the cuffs.
Double tiered folds at the cuffs, created by holding the fabric in with ribbons.
Louis XIV in laces and with red ribbons at the wrists and the sleeves. France.
Red ribbons coming from the short sleeve of the coat and the shirt shows underneath. France.
Prince Rupert without cuffs but very wide sleeves.
Ribbons at the wrists, holding the cuffs closed through two buttonholes.
A ribbon bow at the wrist and very wide sleeves laying in folds. France.
Cuffs and sleeves showing from underneath the undress gown. Prince Rupert with lace cuffs and ribbons on top of them, usually they are underneath and directly at the wrist band. Pure decoration.
Prince Rupert with wide folds billowing from underneath the sleeves and wide lace cuffs. Black ribbons on the cuffs and the sleeves.

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