Nicole Kipar
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I have been sewing and creating garments for well over 30 years: from everyday clothing over evening wear and tailored outfits to authentic reconstructions of historical clothing, and creation of fantasy costumes.

I am passionate about costume creation with a focus on the little details that truly make a character come to life - may this be for a fantasy film production (for the fantasy series Ren which wrapped up filming in November 2014), for the theatre, or for living history displays (I ran the late 17th century Living History society L'Âge d'Or which was known for its authenticity). One of the things I enjoy the most is intricate embellishment and needlework, in particular embroidery on a costume or quilting on an accessory.

My experience and sewing skills range from classic tailoring techniques over historical embroideries (e.g. goldwork and silk shading) to finishing touches such as button making.

I am also a part-time PhD student at the School of Textiles and Design. My accompanying research blog focuses on historical textiles and needlework, c.12th - early 16th centuries (Continental Europe, specifically what is now Germany, France, Netherlands).