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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 4, Page 13
The Whole Look, Accessories: Hairstyles Hats

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Lower Class Women and Men Gentry and Aristocracy, Women Gentry and Aristocracy, Men The Whole Look: Accessories Costume Focus: Women's Headwear & Neckwear


Most of the following images open in a new window for a detailed study.

Gentlemen and common men were united in this one thing for sure: one could not be without a hat! No man would venture out without wearing a head covering. Most men would have long hair, as can be seen on the page discussing and showing the hairstyles, but some might have shorter hair and particularly soldiers might, but when it comes to the question of covering the head they are all in unity, never is a man seen without a hat and only indoors does he take it off, but not even always then, there are so many paintings showing men wearing hats indoors, during all sorts of occasions. The one time though when every man has to take his hat off, unless he is very high born and belongs to the Royal family, is when in the presence of the King.

The shape of the hat changed from the beginning of the decade towards the middle, an this corresponds with the change in the silhouette of a fashionable male outfit, as was discussed in Lesson 3. The high, tall crowned hat lowered its crown which became a little bigger at the same time and the brim began to be curled up, but the crown was always flat on top, this is a feature which remains throughout the period, round crown did not come in before the 18th century. The plumes or at least ribbons remained, adding another touch of personality and individuality to the wearer. The colours are predominantly black, but varying shades of brown are seen.

Late 1650s
Tall crown, plumes. France.
Dutch gentleman with ribbons around the base of the crown. Fairly tall hat and very large brim.
King Frederik of Denmark wearing a brim that is slightly turned up and a moderate crown.
Dutch men with simpler hats, large brims.
Very tall hat, conical shape, hat is adorned with a broad black silk ribbon and a bunch of narrower silk ribbons at the side. Holland.
Danish gentleman with low crown.
Danish gentlemen, the Officer wearing white and red plume sin his hat.
Wolfgang Heimbach, Danish artist with his black hat.
French aristocrat with the brim curled up on one side, moderately tall crown and many plumes. 1660
Sir Saltonstall with a very tall and conical hat.
Minister Seguier with a black hat which is adorned with gold lace on the underside.
Black hat in a tavern, very wide brim.
Low crown, after 1667, with ribbon bunches. Numerous plumes adorn this hat after 1667.
Footmen, carrying their hats in their hands, being in the presence of the King. The hats are adorned with plumes in the colours of their livery.
King Charles II in a very tall and conical crowned hat with plumes in various colours.
Gold lace and plumes on this French hat.
Dutch Protestants with large black unadorned hats.
Dutch man in a hat with a very large and floppy brim.
The Marquis of Tweedalle with his hat adorned with several plush rows of voluminous white plumes.
Louis XIV in a low crown hat with red plumes and ribbons, gold braid at the underside.
Hat with floppy brim on the floor of a Dutch tavern.

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