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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 4, Page 4
The Whole Look, Accessories: Gloves

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Gloves were indispensable accessories, particularly for ladies. In the 1660s they were often decorate with ribbons, but then everything was decorated with as many silk ribbons as possible in this decade. Gloves were made from kid leather and mostly natural coloured or brown. The female longer ones were often white.

The gloves that can be found nowadays are usually natural or white 19th or early 20th century kid leather gloves andthey buttons, something which the 17th century ones did not seem to have.

These male gloves have embroidered gauntlets with raised work on leather and a metal brush fringe.
These beautiful male gloves show an intricate embroidery made with vibrantly coloured silks and gold lace around the panels of the gauntlet.
1650s detail
Detail of the embroidery. Denmark, but probably made in France.
In the 1660s the emphasis changes from embroidery as decoration to an abundance of silk ribbons. Later in the period gloves for men become very plain and are generally just decorated with a metal brush fringe.
Catherine of Braganza in the portrait that Charles II before he married her, holding a pair of black or charcoal undecorated gloves.
Dutch lady with white gloves which are decorated with ribbon at the wrists.
Dutch lady holding a feather fan and wearing one natural coloured glove, holding the other.
Dutch lady holding a pair of plain white gloves in her hand.

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