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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 4, Page 3
The Whole Look, Accessories: Canes/Walking Sticks

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Many gentlemen carried walking sticks, and in fact they look most elegant with them. The tops are never ornate, but smoothly polished and made from various materials. It appears that in Holland ivory was the most favourite one. If you watched the film Restoration you see Charles II in there carrying a very long walking stick, but this is in fact a myth. Working through literally hundreds of paintings throughout the entire period, not just the 1660s, I have not found one single particularly long cane. The only time such very long, almost man height sticks appear, is in Dutch paintings, and only when those men are carrying letters and messages, which probably makes them Dutch postmen.

The Danish painter Wolfgang Heimach with a brass topped cane.
Admiral de Ruyter with an ivory topped cane. Holland.
A silver topped cane held by a kid gloved hand. England.
The painter Gerhard Dou with an ivory topped cane. Holland.
Louis XIV with a cane which is interestingly topped, the handle is long, but the material is unidentifiable. France.
Prince Rupert's cane is perhaps made entirely from polished fine wood or malacca. England.
James, Duke of York in Romanesque costume and carrying a cane which seems to be either ivory or brass topped. England.




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