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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 4, Page 2
The Whole Look, Accessories: Miscellaneous Accessories

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Pins of all sorts and sizes were still extremely important in the 1660s. Many items of clothing were just pinned together and fastened. Often securing such items of clothing as caps and hoods, pinners, tuckers and veils. The most common pins are made from brass and have round head, formed by making a bubble of the copper in a hot flame. Below you will find some examples of pins and other miscellaneous items.

Copper pin with round head. Several brass pins in different sizes.
Belt and shoe buckles. These are genuine buckles, which I polished back to its original shine and lustre. Needle, 3 inches long. This would be extremely long for a sewing needle, perhaps it was a speciality one.
Pincase and pins. Pincase and pins. The case is made from wood.
Assortment of brass pins.  

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