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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 4, Page 9
The Whole Look, Accessories: Jewellery

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If asked what the favourite jewellery was in the period, there is only one answer: pearls, pearls pearls and pearls again. There are uncountable;e paintings showing pearl necklaces and pearl drop earrings as well as some showing pearl bracelets. There are only few examples with ladies wearing fingering, but if they do then the stones are quite simple usually. It was in this period that fake pearls were invented in Italy by grinding up the silver of fish scales and mixing this with hot wax, which was then poured into small glass baubles and then moved around so that it coated the inside. Samuel Pepy's wife Elizabeth did not trust her husband to pick a good pearl necklace, because he might buy a fake one for a real one, so good has those fake pearls become.

The earrings are hanging on thin red ribbons.
Pendant on the stomacher of her bodice with a drop pearl.
Queen Henrietta Maria, King mother, by Lely.
Bracelet made from gold chains through which black ribbons are woven.
Note the ribbons at the back of her neck which fasten the pearl necklace.
Pearls on ears, neck and as bracelets and a pendant on the front over the lace bertha.
Large shimmering pearls and silk ribbon. Pendant with a cameo in the middle and red stones surrounding it.
Pendant on a silk ribbon made from an old gold medallion. Henrietta wearing triple drop pearl earrings.
Barbara Villiers with large pearl necklace. 1662
Dutch lady with pears and pendant fastened with a jewelled bow.
Dutch children wearing pendants fastened with silk ribbon bows.
Catherine of Braganza with the obligatory pearlnecklace and dangling drop pearl.
Early 1660s
Lady holding an ivory fan and wearing a square cut stone in the ring on her little finger.
Queen Henrietta Maria
Ring worn on little finger. Drawing for the painting above.
Reconstructed pearl necklace, the fastening is done with silk ribbons. The pendant is copied from a painting which shows Madame de Sevigne. 1660
Necklace made from enamelled gold with tablecut diamonds. French.
Brooch imitating a bow from the back which is enamelled. Brooch from the front. French.

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