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Jan Vermeer
Male Costume Colours

Please Note: these are Dutch paintings and while Holland was the fashion leader in the 1650s and the early 1660s, towards the end of the 1660s England and France developed their own fashion styles. It is safe though to turn to the Dutch paintings ion search of acceptable colours, because those would have been the same. All of the below images are details of paintings by Vermeer, from the 1650s to mid 1670.

Deep Blue and Red
Deep Blue and Red Collar, 1668/69
From: The Geographer
Dark Red
Dark Red, 1658
From: The Soldier and the Laughing Girl

Shades of Brown and Beige, 1659/60
From: The Girl with the Wine Glass (The Lady with Two Gentlemen)
Dark Beige
Darker Beige, 1658-60
From: Gentleman and Lady Drinking Wine
Brown, 1665/66
From: The Concert
Black, 1662-65
From: The Music Lesson (Gentleman and Lady at the Virginale)
Black and White
Black, White Shirt under slashing and Red Socks, 1673 
From: The Art of Painting
Dark Blue-Green
Dark Blue- Green, 1668
From: The Astronomer
Bright Red
Bright Red, 1658
From: In the Brothel

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