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Jan Vermeer
Dress Colours
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Please Note: these are Dutch paintings showing the fashion of the rich Dutch merchant class in the 1650s and 1660s. These fashions would correspond with the English and French, the latter to a lesser extent, since Holland was the main power in this period due to England's Cromwellian reign and France's internal troubles. From the late 1660s onwards though, around 1667, the fashions in England particularly evolve and change.

Dark red
Dark Red, 1657
From: Sleeping Girl
Dark Yellow
Dark Yellow, 1658
From: The Soldier and the Laughing Girl

Purplish Red
Orange Red, 1659/60
From: The Girl with the Wine Glass (The Lady with Two Gentlemen)
Salmon Red
Salmon Pinks and Purplish Reds, 1658-60
From: Gentleman and Lady Drinking Wine
Pale Yellow, Off-White
Yellow and Ivory, 1665/66
From: The Concert
Pale Yellow
Pale Yellow, Bright red and Black, 1662-65
From: The Music Lesson (Gentleman and Lady at the Virginale)
Pale Yellow and Blue
Pale Yellow and Blue, 1673-75
From: Standing Virginale Player
Golden Yellow, Blue
Golden Yellow and Blue, 1673-75
From: Sitting Virginale Player
Bright Yellow, Golden Yellow
Bright Yellow and Golden Yellow, 1669/70
From: The Love Letter

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