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The collapsible parasol came into fashion, to protect the ladies' pale complexion from the sun while promenading through the terraced gardens. But this umbrella, which was meant to protect from the sun, could also used as protection against the rain.

Patches were very fashionable already in the second half of the 17th century, though they were not yet shaped into fancy shapes as they were later, in the 18th century. They formed an interesting contrast to the ivory skin. 

Fans were of course always used, now they were always collapsible fans, which had been introduced already in the 16th century, but were by then, and in the early 17th century, quite rare. The fan plates were painted beautifully, and the sticks were made from a variety of materials, such as woods, ivory, tortoise shell, and were intricately carved and very elegant. It was truly a science by then how to 'talk' with a fan, different gestures and stances and movements having many different meanings. 

Necklaces were always pearls, narrow around the throat. Either one strand or a couple, but usually just one though with big pearls. Sometimes a crucifix was worn, attached to the pearl necklace by a thing chain, letting the cross dangle.

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