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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 1, Page 6
Working Class Men Study Gallery

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Lower Class Women and Men Gentry and Aristocracy, Women Gentry and Aristocracy, Men The Whole Look: Accessories Costume Focus: Women's Headwear & Neckwear

All of the following images open in a new window for a detailed study. They are all details of the period paintings.

he wears a sleeveless leather jerkin over a shapeless jacket, often referred to as a 'jump'. Poor peasant.
Short aprons over breeches and hose. Shoes appear to be turn shoes. Affluent peasants.
Long buttoned jacket and open kneed breeches worn with same colour stockings. Peasant. Fashionable linen falling band and wide shirt. Breeches very full and probably gathered in at the knee. Affluent peasant.
Hat over dark coid, tattered leather apron over torn long breeches or hose.
Cut-out latchet shoes and woolen stockings. Small falling band attached to shirt, long brown coat. Market seller.
Different hats of varying fashion. Man on the left wears old fashioned ruffs. man on the right fashionable small falling band. 1663
Untidy mix of jacket and jerkin, lose stockings and soft cap. Workman.
Cut-out latchet shoes, long trousers and small ruff-like collar on the shirt. Open jacket of the fashion of the 1650s. Less fashionable than the woman he dances with. See page 4. Affluent peasant. School master dressed very old fashioned, mainly Jacobean with ruff and tall cap. Schoolboy more fashionable in small falling band collar.
Lose, sleeveless long jerkin over open jacket with collar. Hose, open fly covered by long linen shirt. Several undyed brown shades. Peasant.
Wide-brimmed hat with red ribbon, long neck opening in shirt. Cut-out latchet shoes, open jacket as short as a doublet with small round buttons. Peasant.
Delightful purple stockings and red jacket. Wide breeches that taper to the leg and shoes tied with ribbons. Elderly peasant in the fashion of the 140s and 50s.
Blue jacket patched at the elbow. Breeches tied below the knee with drawstrings. Peasant.
Baggy breeches have no fastening at the fly. Stockings kept up with ribbons tied above the knee. Cream doublet worn over shirt and under brown jacket. Fashionable Domestic. Breeches closed at the fly with ribbons. Short doublet and floppy hat pinned up. Fashion from the 1640s. Peasant.
Man with crutch wears very baggy breeches, patched and has a hole. Tags around the armhole of the sleeveless doublet, very old fashioned from the 1630s. Breeches of man on the left are left open at the knee, ribbons visible. Peasants. Jacobean and earlier style coif with long strings. Soft cap worn over it. Various shades of brown. Workman.
Tall hat and ruff, fashion from the Jacobean era. Mules and clocked stockings. Elderly peasant. Tall hat and three quarter trousers. Neckerchief knotted tightly. Jerkin has become too small. Short doublet. Farmer.

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