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Engraving Gallery 1660s
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France and England

GentlemanGentleman. Wearing a falling band with tassels and ribbon bows at his waist. French CourtBall at the French Court. French ToiletteGentleman and Lady at the Morning Toilette. French
1650-60, FranceCouples. The beginnings of the fashion for wide rhinegrave breeches and ribbons, and ribbon bows en masse in France. ca. 1650-60. French 1650s Louis XIV as a Youth, late 1650s. Louis is depicted here with his mother, the Queen Regent receiving homage from the notables of the kingdom.  Behind the Duc de Beaufort, in ecclesiastical robes, stands Monsieur le Coadjuteur: Cardinal Mazarin. French Marriage Marriage of Louis XIV and the Infanta Maria Teresa, 8th June 1660. Anne of Austria is seen on the left, between her younger son and Mazarin. French 
Ambassador Louis XIV receives the Siamese Ambassador, 1660s. Note the ribbon bows underneath the cravat and the extremely square toes of the shoes. French Illustration of the proverb: "The nobleman is the spider and the peasant is the fly". 1660s. J. Lagnier. Note the curled up brim of the hat on one side. French

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