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France and England

Dutch paintings are on their separate pages.

1695James Stuart and his Sister, 1695. The children are dressed exactly like copies of adults. Note the lace apron of the girl and the red lining of the high, soft tongue of the boy's shoes. English Louis XIVLouis XIV at Mons, 1691. Note the wig being worn in a ponytail à la catogan and the steenkerks. French OathLouis XIV accepts an oath, painted in 1690s. Although this painting by A. Pesey depicts a scene which took place on 28th December 1685, it was surely painted in the 1690s, judging the costumes. French
Queen Anne Queen Anne, 1690s. In this portrait she was in her mid-twenties. By Michael Dahl. English Madame Lieselotte von der Pfalz, La Palatine, Madame, Duchess d'Orléans, wife of Philippe, brother of Louis XIV, 1690s. In this portrait en deshabillé note the lace all around the neckline of the chemise. This is the lace which is visible at the top of the stomacher. French Lieselotte Elisabeth Charlotte, Duchess d'Orléans, 1697. Note the red velvet dress she is wearing, again en deshabillé. She said in one of her many letters, that she never wore a manteau, only the grand habit, the court robes. By Jan Weenix. French

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