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French Infantry MusketeerInfantry Musketeer, 1710. He is wearing the new waist belt, which held sword, bayonet and cartridge box. The powder horn was slung over the shoulder on a narrow buff belt. Note the early type of gaiter which appeared at the time of the War of the Spanish Succession. French DenainDenain 1712. Marshal Claude, Duke de Villars (1653-1734) leading his men into the enemy entrenchment at Denain in 1712. It was his greatest victory and ruined allied plans for invading north-eastern France. His four lines of infantry marched up to the enemy position, receiving fire without wavering, and carried it at bayonet point. Villars was a fighting general in every sense; he really did lead his men into battle as shown in this print. French
GrenadierGrenadier at Battle of Blenheim, 1704. Taken from a Tapestry at Blenheim Palace. English BlenheimBlenheim, 1704.Marshal Tallard, the French commander, surrendering to the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim. Painting by Laguerre. French
MalplaquetMalplaquet, 1709. On 11th September 1709, the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene defeated the French armies at Malplaquet, in one of the bloodiest battles of the century. The Allies lost more men than the French, and the Tories nicknamed Marlborough 'the butcher'. English BlenheimBattle of Blenheim, 13th August 1704. Coloured engraving. English
MarlboroughDuke of Marlborough, 1711. Marlborough with his army crossing the Lines of Ne Plus Ultra at Arleux, with Bouchain in the background. Detail from a tapestry by De Vos at Blenheim Palace. English Flanders'In Flanders. A Market Tent in Camp'. c.1707. Drawing by Marcellus Laroon (1679-1774) who served throughout Marlborogh's campaigns in Flanders. The soldier on the right appears to be an Austrian Hussar. English
SchellenbergThe Storming of the Schellenberg at Donauwörth, 1704. Detail of a tapestry by De Vos after De Hondt at Blenheim Palace. Note Marlborough on the right with one of his running footmen, and the dragoons riding forward with fascines across their saddles. English OudenardeOudenarde, 1708. In June 1708 (not 1706 as shown on this playing card), Marlborough won his third great victory against the French at Oudenarde. This playing card shows the magistrates of Oudenarde waiting upon the Duke. English
MarlboroughDuke of Marlborough and Colonel Armstrong, 1711. Marlborough studying a plan of the Siege of Bouchain with his chief engineer, Colonel Amstrong. His wife Sarah later declared that this portrait, by Seeman, was 'as like him as I ever saw'. English Drum Painted Battle Drum, early 1700s. English

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