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The Author at Vaux
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The photos were taken in April 1997

The Outbuildings
Outbuildings Outbuildings
The outbuildings which flank the chateau Outbuildings to the right

The Chateau
Chateau1 Chateau2 Chateau4
The front of the chateau Built with pale sandstone Close-up
Chateau6 Chateau3 Chateau5
Courtyard Harmonious symmetry Iron gate
Vaux at night
Vaux illuminated at night
(downloadable wallpaper)

The Garden
Garden3 Garden2 Garden1
Terrace, facing left The vast garden Horizon
Garden4 Garden5
Terrace from right corner Moat towards the garden

Entrance and Hall
Hall1 Kipar4 Kipar3
Steps at the front Statues Columns
Kipar2 Kipar5
Entrance Hall Hall


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The Author at Vaux
| 17th August 2001 - Fête Anniversary

Nicolas Fouquet's crest in the title graphic Copyright © Vaux-le-Vicomte
Graphics Copyright © N. Kipar 1999. All rights reserved.
Photos Copyright © N. Kipar 1997.