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Nicolas Fouquet And for a falling star
There's just an instant,
A dazzling one...
(from a Russian song)
N.F. - 
Now and Forever

The poem below, together with the lyrics above, were sent to me as a gift by Elefwin.
I love the poem, and I hope Nicolas Fouquet would have loved it too, being the great giver of gifts to artists and poets he was.

Une Rose Pour M. le Surintendant

Once, stepping heavily, lame fate
Entered knocking not at the door,
And we live knowing not the times -
For a day and an instant, for an age and a hour. 

But quiet it is, the air's thin,
Thus it's the mean time of the End,
And memory, awaken, cries
And calls out forgotten names... 

You hadn't kneeled among the rest,
But in a plea that hadn't been heard
O, what a wounded name of yours
Remained... forever, that's, of yours!

Written by Elefwin © 1999
All rights remain exclusively with the author.

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Graphics Copyright © N. Kipar 1999. Scroll from Madame Fouquet's crest.
Engraving of Nicolas Fouquet exhibited in Vaux-le-Vicomte

Contents Copyright © N. Kipar 1999.

Poem 'Une Rose Pour M. le Surintendant' © Elefwin, 1999. With permission by the author.