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Note: This page will not be updated anymore.

Historical Costumes

Arnold, Janet. A Handbook of Costume. London: Macmillan, 1973.
Much out of date for certain things like addresses and with bibliogrpahies, naturally, before 1973, but nevertheless a brilliant book and one of its first and best and starting point for the study of period clothes.

Arnold, Janet. "Dashing Amazons: the Development of Women's Riding Dress, c. 1500-1900." in: Defining Dress: Dress as Object, Meaning and Identity. de la Haye, Amy; Wilson, Elizabeth. (Eds.) Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1999.

Boucher, Francois. 20,000 Years of Fashion: The History of Costume and Personal Adornment. Expanded edition. Paris: Flammarion, 1983.
A very good oversized book for everyone who'd like to get a first impression of costume history through the ages.

Bradfield, Nancy. Historical Costumes of England: From the Eleventh to the Twentieth Century. 3rd revised edition. London: George G. Harrap, 1970. 
Divided into the reigns of English Kings. Quite nice, but like all of these books with pretty drawings not too reliable most of the time.

Brownfood, Andrew. High Fashion in Stuart Times: A Study of Period Costume with Pull-up Scenes. Norfolk: Tarquin, 1996. 
This is a children's pop-up scenes book to be cut out, which I didn't though, but the water-colours of the costume are really nice lovely.

Bruhn, Wolfgang & Helmut Skarbina. Kostüm und Mode. Leipzig: L. Staackmann, 1938. 
I wouldn't rely on anything really here, but the booklet is just lovely with its beautiful water-colour plates.

Calthrop, Dion Clayton. English Costume: From William I to George IV 1066-1830. London: A. & C. Black, 1937. 

Conforti, Michael & Guy Walton. Royal Treasures of Sweden 1550 - 1700. Washington: National Gallery of Art, 1988. 
This fantastic exhibition guide could also go into the history section, but there are so many brilliant photographs of extant costumes in it, that I put it into the costume section.

Cumming, Valerie. Exploring Costume History 1500-1900. London: Batsford, 1981. 

Cumming, Valerie; Ribeiro, Aileen. The Visual History of Costume. London: B.T. Batsford, 1989.
It is a book on all periods, but there were indeed some pictures for the 17th century in it, which I didn't have yet!

Cumming, Valerie. A Visual History of Costume: The Seventeenth Century. London: Batsford, 1984.
A lovely book for someone who just starts to be interested in the Baroque period. A lot of primary sources, paintings and drawings, I just wish they were not all in b/w, but I suppose the book had been very much more expensive.

Cunnington, Phillis. Costume of Household Servants: From the Middle Ages to 1900. London: A&C Black, 1974.
One of the very few books on the clothing of the lower classes. Quite a fascinating read an though little on the late 17th century still an indispensable book.

Cunnington, Phillis; Cunnington, Willett C.. The History of Underclothes. London: Faber and Faber, 1951.
There are not too many books on historic underclothes, thus this one is important, but I cannot help wishing for far more information when reading it.

Cunnington, Willet C.; Cunnington, Phillis. Handbook of English Costume in the Seventeenth Century. London: Faber and Faber, 1955.
A lot of line drawings, which are actually quite accurately taken from originals.

Dunlevy, Mairead. Dress in Ireland. London: B.T. Batsford, 1989.
Fascinating book! The differences between Irish and continental or English dress are striking. All those wonderfully preserved garments from bogs... a feast for the costume historian.

An Elegant Art: Fashion & Fantasy in the Eighteenth Century. Maeder, Edward. (Ed.) Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1983.
It's 18th century and not 17th, but I couldn't resist, the book is just too beautiful. Such gorgeous photos of garments.

Rowland-Warne, L. Eyewitness Guides: Costume. London: Dorling Kindersley, 1992. (also available in German: Kleidung & Mode. Hildesheim: Gerstenberg, 1992) 
Although this is a children's book it has very good photographs, and is simply a very lovely book, all of the Eyewitness Series books are wonderful, wish they had been around when I was a child.

Ewing, Elizabeth. History of Children's Costume. London: Anchor Press, 1977. 
Very interesting book for everyone wanting to do costumes for their wee ones. Not overly too much for any particular period, but even I found it an interesting read.

Ewing, Elizabeth. Everyday Dress 1650-1900. London: Batsford, 1984.
I was delighted when I found this book, because Tash wants to make working class costume, and there are such few books about anything lower than aristocracy around.

Four Hundred Years of Fashion. Rothstein, Nathalie. (Ed.) London: Vicotria & Albert Museum, 1996. 
The museum's catalogue is wonderful, especially when you've actually been in the V&A

Halls, Zillah. Women's Costumes 1600-1750. London: London Museum Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1969.
Although the photographs in this small booklet are only b/w, and not of best quality, due to the date of publication, there are some surviving items of dress in there which I have never seen before. And in the back is a folded pattern of a 1720 mantua!

Halls, Zillah. Men's Costumes 1580-1750. London: London Museum Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1970.
See above.

Halls, Zillah. Men' Costume 1750-1800. London: London Museum Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1973. See above.

Hansen, Henny. Knaurs Kostümbuch: Die Kostümgeschichte aller Zeiten. München: Droemersche Verlagsanstalt, 1958. 
German book with 750 coloured water-colour paintings taken from original sources. It ranks in the likes of Racinet, but the artistic execution is of course very different. Although this book is in German, it is available in many translations, the original is in Danish, the pictures are very pretty

Harris, Jennifer (Ed.)Textiles 5000 Years: An International Survey. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1993.
This book gives you a good idea of which fabrics to use, quite fascinating.

Hart, Avril; North, Susan. Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th and 18th Centuries. London: V&A Publications, 1998. 
The best book I have bought for a very long time for the construction of authentic costumes! Breathtaking photos of costume details, and all the little important things you always wanted to know.

Hart, Avril. "The Mantua: its Evolution and Fashionable Significance in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries." in: Defining Dress: Dress as Object, Meaning and Identity. de la Haye, Amy; Wilson, Elizabeth. (Eds.) Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1999.

Hartnell, Norman. Royal Courts of Fashion. London: Cassell, 1971. (unpublished proof copy) 

Kelly, Francis M.; Schwabe, Randolph. Historic Costume: A Chronicle of Fashion in Western Europe 1490-1790. London: B.T. Batsford, 1929. 
Although this book is rather old it contains useful drawings, especially of costume details (including wigs and accessories). The text is less useful.

Kildegaard, Bjarne. Dressed in Time. Copenhagen: Tiderne Skifter, 1993. Exhibition/Museum catalogue.
The National Museum sold this booklet, and the English version was 100 Krona more expensive than the Danish one, but we experienced once more what we had seen and felt during our time in Denmark: the Danes are so hospitable and such incredible helpful and friendly people, it is a pleasure to be there! She saw I was so enthusiastic about the fact there was a mantua from 1695 in the book (and museum) I had never seen before, she sold the English copy to me for the price of the Danish one. Thanks!!! The mantua cannot be displayed anymore, because it is too fragile. 1993 was the last time it could be seen. Better it survives in a dark spot in all its magnificence (6 kg gold in the gold-green metallic brocade!) and is shown in photos, than the garment deteriorating!

Köhler, Carl. A History of Costumes: With over 600 Patterns and Illustrations. New York: Dover Publications, 1932 [1928¹] (English translation from the German original) 
Good, though of course low quality photographs of original garments, but rather simplified small scale patterns, I wouldn't recommend to use these patterns, turn to Norah Waugh instead.

Le Costume Francais. Jaques Ruppert et. al. (Eds.) Paris: Flammarion, 1996. 
This book is indeed very nice, I just wish my French were far better than it is...

Laver, James. Costume and Fashion: A Concise History. London: Thames and Hudson, 1982. 
Another one which I picked up really cheap in Rochester. I am not impressed with it, it is far too inaccurate.

Lenning, Gertrud. Kleine Kostümkunde. Berlin: Schiele & Schöne, o.J.
It's a booklet in German, probably from the 50s or 60s with a few nice photos of extant garments.

Lister, Margot. Costume: An Illustrated Survey from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century. London: Barrie & Jenkins, 1968.
Extremely pleasing pretty drawings, detailed descriptions, but not very reliable.

Mille Ans de Costume Francais: 950-1950. Jean Luisenier et. Al. Thionville: Gérard Klopp, 1991. 
Although the section on Baroque costume is only small in this French book, the colour reproductions are brilliant.

de Marly, Diana. Costume on the Stage 1600-1940. London: Batsford, 1982.
This book is highly recommendable for everyone who wishes to portray Baroque theatre, very interesting to see the changes.

De Marly, Diana. Fashion for Men: An Illustrated History. London: Batsford, 1985.
Another book which is talking about many periods, but every little bit of information helps.

Nienholdt, Eva. Kostüme des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts: Ein Brevier. Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1963. 
A cute tiny booklet with some nice photographs of extant garments.

Racinet, Albert. Weltgeschichte der Kostüme. rpt. Parkland. (This book is also available in English and French)
This is the classical costume book of the late 19th century. Although it contains hundreds of coloured drawings/engravings which are relatively useful, though often the 19th century idea of historic costumes, but surely pleasant, one should not rely on the text!

Rose, Clare. Children's Clothes since 1750. London: Batsford, 1989.
Admittedly a bit too late but still quite useful if you can find it cheap second-hand. 

Rugby, Jennifer. Costume in Context: The Stuarts. London: Batsford, 1988 
A children's book, and the coloured drawings are not the most pleasant ones, but remarkably accurate and the stories behind the characters are very nice

Russell, Douglas A. Period Style for the Theatre. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1980. 
Again, a very good book for actors and actresses, and thus for the Living Historian and/or Re-enactor

Sichel, Marion. Costume Reference 3: Jacobean, Stuart and Restoration. London: Batsford, 1977. 
As already indicated in the title, this book is about the English fashion only. Quite nice, but once more one of those with drawings and thus less preferable than the ones showing original paintings or even extant garments.

Sronkova, Olga. Fashions through the Centuries: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo. London: Spring Books, no year. 
The book shows the development of costume exemplified on Czechoslovakian costume. Quite interesting. Yet another of my Baggins Books Bazaar finds.

The Museum of Costume & Assembly Rooms Bath. Official Guide. 

Tarrant, Naomi. The Development of Costume. Edinburgh: National Museum of Scotland, 1994.
An absolutely lovely book, I was most delighted when I found it. It has some patterns in it, as well as stitches diagrams, primary sources, very well researched text. It covers many centuries, but it was a fascinating read.

Thiel, Erika. Geschichte des Kostüms: Die Europäische Mode von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Berlin: Henschel Verlag, 1990 
This book is highly recommendable for everyone who understands German, but even if you don't, there are lots of reproductions of original paintings and photos (although only black and white because they were taken before the terrible destruction of WWII) of Prussian court fashion of the court of August der Starke, the costumes are now back in the Dresdener Kunstsammlungen (having been given back by the Russian government in 1956 to the then GDR) and are hopefully soon to be displayed in restored splendour, now that the wall has been gone for quite some time in the Dresdener Kunstsammlungen (Dresden museum)

Tilke, Max. Kostümgeschichte in Bildern. Wiesbaden: Drei Lilien Verlag. New edition of Das Kostümwerk, late 19th century. 
200 plates; 120 coloured. Pictures of original paintings and coloured drawings. Not too accurate of course.

Tortora, Phyllis & Eubank, Keith. A Survey of Historic Costume. New York: Fairchild, 1989. 

Yarwood, Doreen. English Costume: From the Second Century B.C. to the Present Day. London: B.T. Batsford, 1975. 
Very nice and pretty drawings of costumes, accessories, hairstyles etc. Detailed description of items

Yarwood, Doreen. Fashion in the Western World. London: Batsford, 1992.
What I like in this book are again her pretty drawings, I admit I'm a lover of costume drawings, although they are not too accurate usually.

Cumming, Valerie. Gloves. The Costume Accessories Series. Dr. Ribeiro, Aileen. (Ed.). London: B.T. Batsford, 1982. 

Ledger, Florence E. Put Your Foot Down: A Treatise on the History of Shoes. Melksham: Colin Venton, 1985.

Pratt, Lucy; Woolley, Linda. Shoes. London: V&A Publications, 1999.

Swann, June. Shoes. The Costume Accessories Series. Dr. Ribeiro, Aileen. (Ed.) London: Batsford.

Farrell, Jeremy. Socks & Stockings. The Costume Accessories Series. Dr. Aileen Ribeiro (Ed.). London: Batsford, 1992.

Head-dress& Hairstyles:
Clark, Fiona. Hats. The Costume Accessories Series. Dr. Aileen Ribeiro (Ed.). London: B.T. Batsford, 1988. 

Corson, Richard. Fashions in Hair: The First Five Thousand Years. London: Peter Owen, 1965.
Very good book, the same as above, over 3500 drawings for all periods altogether. It gives very good ideas and will support the search for the proper hairstyle done with period paintings or engravings.

de Courtais, Georgine. Women's Head-dress and Hairstyles: in England from AD 600 to the Present Day. London: B.T. Batsford, 1973.
Lovely book, lots and lots of drawings, which are simple enough to explain what the style looked like and elaborate enough not to oversimplify.

Ginsburg, Madeleine. The Hat: Trends and Traditions. New York: Studio Editions, 1990. 

Bags and Purses:
Foster, Vanda. Bags and Purses. The Costume Accessories Series. Dr. Aileen Ribeiro (Ed.). London: B.T. Batsford, 1982. 

Neckware & Shawls:
Gibbings, Sarah. The Tie: Trends and Traditions. New York: Studio Editions, 1990. 

Mackrell, Alice. Shawls, Stoles and Scarves. The Costumes Accessories Series. Dr. Aileen Ribeiro (Ed.). London: B.T. Batsford, 1986.

Alexander, Hélène. Fans. Shire Album 243. Princes Risborough: Shire Publications, 1995. 

Hart, Avril & Taylor, Emma. Fans. Victoria & Albert Museum Fashion Accessories. London: V&A Publications, 1998.
Beautiful and affordable book with many colour pictures of lovely fans.

Mayor, Susan. Fächer. Übertragung aus dem Englischen von Dieter Krumbach. Erlangen: Karl Müller Verlag, 1995. 

Melville, Beryl. The Fan and Lace. Lochlea Publications, 1991.

Royal Fans. Exhibition Catalogue Harwood House, Yorkshire. 1986.

Phillips, Clare. Jewellery: From Antiquity to the Present. London: Thames and Hudson, 1996.
Lovely book, which I bought in the Museum of London gift shop. I often think that one must be thankful when at least a chapter is about the late 17th century...

Umbrellas & Parasols
Farrell, Jeremy. Umbrellas & Parasols. The Costume Accessories Series. Dr. Aileen Ribeiro (Ed.). London: Batsford, 1985.

Williams, Neville. Powder and Paint: A History of the Englishwoman's Toilet Elizabeth I - Elizabeth II. London: Longmans, Green and Co, 1957.
Very interesting chapter on Baroque toilet, including quite a lot of quotes.

Costume Construction and Crafts

Arnold, Janet. The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women c.1560-1620. London: Macmillan, 1985. 
The one and only, the great and, unfortunately sad for us all, late Janet Arnold. Not our time period though, but still one of the best books ever.

Arnold, Janet. Patterns of Fashion 1: Englishwomen's Dresses and their Construction c.1660-1860. London: Macmillan, 1964, 1972. 
As fantastically detailed as the other ones she wrote.

Burnham, Dorothy K. Cut My Cote. Ontario: Royal Ontario Museum Canada, 1973.
Lovely little booklet with very interesting and helpful information on undershirts and dresses and folkwear.

Chainey, Barbara. The Essential Quilter Project Book. Brunel House: David & Charles, 1988. 

Hamilton Hill, Margot & Bucknell, Peter A. The Evolution of Fashion: Pattern and Cut from 1066 to 1930. London: B.T. Batsford. 
The focus is primarily on English fashion (divided into the reigns of English kings), but what you don't find or understand in Holkeboer's book, you'll find in this one and vice versa. The patterns are quite simple, so please use this as a beginner's book or for theatrical costumes, but don't use it for authentic costumes

Hunnisett, Jean. Period Construction for Stage and Screen: Patterns for Women's Dress 1500-1800. London: Bell & Hyman, 1986. 
Quite detailed descriptions, drawings and patterns for female garments, but as the title says, they are patterns for theatrical costumes! Realise that the patterns are kind of simplified too.


Robinson, Stuart. A History of Dyed Textiles. London: Studio Vista, 1969.

Strand Holkeboer, Katherine. Garments, Trims and Accessories from Ancient Egypt to 1915. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1984. 
The patterns are very simplified, but nevertheless useful for a first learning and/or theatrical costumes.

Waugh, Norah. The Cut of Men's Clothes: 1600-1900. London: Faber and Faber, 1964. 
What would I do without this book? I'd be lost!

Waugh, Norah. The Cut of Women's Clothes 1600-1930. London: Faber and Faber. 
Ditto as above.

Waugh, Norah. Corsets and Crinolines. New York: Routledge, 1965. Repr. 2000.

Absolutely indispensable book for all things underwear if you wish to seriously recreate the roper underpinnings.

Wolff, Colette. The Art of Manipulating Fabric. Iola: Krause Publications, 1996.
An absolutely fantastic and indispensable book on any kind of fabric manipulation, tucks, pleats, gathers, you name it, she explains it with lots of photos and drawings.

Classic Crafts: A Practical Compendium of Traditional Skills. Martina Margetts, Ed. London: Conran Octopus, 1989. 
Although not directly for costumes, many crafts are explained which were used then, and are lost now, like tassel making, for example. Very helpful book.


Arthur, Liz. Embroidery 1600-1700 at the Burrell Collection. Glasgow: Glasgow Museum, 1995. 
Very good close-ups of 17th century embroidery

Beck, Thomasina. The Embroiderer's Flowers. Devon: David & Charles, 1992. 
An absolutely wonderful book on historical embroidery: breathtaking reproductions, very good descriptions

Beck, Thomasina. The Embroiderer's Story: Needlework from the Renaissance to the Present Day. Devon: David & Charles, 1995.
I found this book yesterday in the Sussex Stationer's in Maidstone, Kent, England. This lovely cheap bookshop, and it is a wonderful book! Softcover, thick glossy paper and loads of wonderful pictures!

Dean, Beryl. Ecclesiastical Embroidery. London: Batsford, 1958. 

Eaton, Jane. The Complete Stitch Encyclopaedia. London: Quarto Publishing, 1986. 
The best book ever I have come across so far for learning all those embroidery stitches.

Eaton Jan & Liz Mundle. The Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch Directory. Quintet, 1995. 

Embroiderer's Guild. Making Samplers. Brunel House: David & Charles, 1993. 

Stradal, Marianne & Brommer, Ulrike. Mit Nadel und Faden durch die Jahrhunderte: Aus der Kulturgeschichte vom Sticken, Stricken und Häkeln. Heidenheim: Rees, o.J. 
Once more a German book that I'd like to recommend to those being able to understand German

Clabburn, Pamela. Masterpieces of Embroidery. Oxford: Phaidon, 1981. 

Dawson, Barbara. Metal Thread Embroidery. London: Batsford, 1968.
This is a book I highly recommend for those wishing to learn the appropriate goldwork embroidery

Dillmont, Thérèse de. Encyklopädie der Weiblichen Handarbeiten. Mülhausen: Verlag Dillmont, 1897. Reprint 1996 of the reprint from 1908. 
This book is just as invaluable as the 'Big Book of Needlecraft', probably even more so, since there are numerous lost crafts explained.

Lemon, Jane. Metal Thread Embroidery: Tools, Materials and Techniques. London: Batsford, 1987. 

Gostelow, Mary. The Coats Book of Embroidery. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1978. 

The Complete Guide to Needlework: Techniques and Materials. Mary Gostelow (Ed.). Oxford: Phaidon Press, 1982. 

Swain, Margaret. Embroidered Stuart Pictures. Shire Album 246. Princes Risborough: Shire Publications, 1990. 

The Big Book of Needlecraft: A Book on Practical Information and Interest for the Home Needlewoman, the Dressmaker, the Embroideress, the Knitter and the Craftswoman. London: Odhams, o.j. probably 1950s 
Wonderful book, because it shows all the crafts which are not done anymore today.


Earnshaw, Pat. The Identification of Lace. Princes Risborough: Shire Publications, 3rd. rev. ed. 1994.
This is my bible! This book taught me everything I know about lace for 17th century costume and how to differentiate it, how to try to get something which looks at least similar to what it should be like, even when it is impossible to get the real thing.

Earnshaw, Pat. Lace in Fashion: From the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Centuries. Guildford: Gorse Publications, 1991. 
Fantastic reproductions, and the text is most helpful for making authentic costumes.

Levey, M. Santina & Wardle, Patricia. The Finishing Touch: Lace in Portraits at Frederiksborg. Copenhagen: Frederiksborg Museum, 1994.
Lovely booklet, very interesting, and I am sure if one writes to Frederiksborg castle, that they will sell the booklet and send abroad.

Lovesey, Nenia & Barley, Catherine. Venetian Gros Point Lace. London: Dryad, 1986.
This is an actual how-to book on making Needle lace.

Ricci, Elisa. Italian Lace Designs 243 Classic Examples. New York: Dover, 1993.


Allen, Arthur B. Stuart England: the Complete Background Book. London: Rockliffe, 1954.
One of the many second hand books that I keep finding, which are often out of date regarding their contents but nevertheless useful, particularly for their images.

Andressen, B. Michael. Barocke Tafelfreuden an Europa's Höfen. Stuttgart: Belser, 1996. 
A beautiful book, highly recommendable, but only available in German. Recipes, history and contemporary paintings and engravings, and in general a very pleasing book.

Ashley, Maurice. The English Civil War. London: Thames & Hudson, 1974. 

Barnett, Correlli. Marlborough. Ware: Wordsworth, 1999. 

Best, Nicholas. The Kings and Queens of England. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1995. 
Portraits from the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Blitzer, Charles. Age of Kings. Time Inc., 1965. 

Brears, Peter. Food & Cooking in 17th Century Britain: History & Recipes. English Heritage, 1985. 

Cronin, Vincent. Louis XIV. London: Collins, 1964. 

Dessert, Daniel. Fouquet. Librairie Arthème Fayard, 1987. 
This is THE book on Nicolas Fouquet, but unfortunately for me (and my rather mediocre if not 'sad' French) it has never been translated into any other language.

Ditchfield, P.H. Old English Sports: Pastimes and Customs. Wakefield: EP Publishing, 1975 repr., 1891¹
Very interesting little book for the Living Historian: which sports and pastimes can we do when on shows and events? Here is the answer.

Erlanger, Philippe. Louis XIV. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1970. 

Fraser, Antonia. Charles II: His Life and Times. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1979. New Edition 1993. 
My absolute favourite book about my absolute favourite King. God save Charlie! *grins*

Fraser, Antonia. The Weaker Vessel: A Woman's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1984. 
The best book I know so far about women in the 17th century. But then I adore Antonia Fraser anyway, her history books are fantastic, lively, interesting, colourful.

Hamlyn, Matthew. The Recipes of Hannah Woolley: English Cookery of the Seventeenth Century. London: Heinemann Kingswood, 1988.
Although this book is so new, not even 20 years old, it is out of print! I got my copy from AbeBooks, lovely online source. Brilliant book! All recipes are edited for today's cook but are still the mostly original ones from 1675. Hannah Woolley was the 17th century Mrs. Beecham, so to speak. Her book was on everything to do with housekeeping.

Honey, W.B. English Glass. London: Collins, 1956.
Another second hand find, cheap and always very good as reference.

Menegazzi, Claudio. Ludwig XIV und seine Zeit. Klagenfurt: Kaiser, 1987. 

Mitford, Nancy. The Sun King: Louis XIV at Versailles. London: Hamilton, 1966. 

Morand, Paul. Fouquet ou Le Soleil Offusqué. Éditions Gallimard, 1961. 
The same as above, only available in French.

The Life and Times of Louis XIV. Enzo Orlandi. (Ed.) Feltham: Hamlin, 1968. 

Museum of London. Cumming, V., Merriman, E., Ross, C. (Eds.). London: Museum of London and Scala Publications, 1996.
This is the guidebook to the museum, highly recommendable with lovely photos of the objects.

Redwood, John. Reason, Ridicule and Religion: The Age of Enlightenment in England 1660-1750. London: Thames & Hudson, 1996. 

Richardson, Joanna. Louis XIV. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1973. 
What a miracle... someone who actually doesn't glorify Louis XIV in a bibliography, nor does she condemn him. Well written, and I like one quote "he was called the 'great King' but no one ever called him a 'great Man'..."

Salmen, Walter. Tanz im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert. Leipzig: VEB Deutscher Verlag für Musik, 1988. 

St. John Williams, Noel T. Redcoats and Courtesans: The Birth of the British Army (1660-1690). London: Brassey's, 1994.
I could have put this book into the military section, but there is so much wonderful gossip and little anecdotes in it, that I decided to leave it in here.

Fraser, Antonia. VI of Scotland King James I of England. London: Book Club Associates, 1997. 

Watson, D.R. The Life and Times of Charles I. Antonia Fraser Ed. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1972. 

Falkus, Christopher. The Life and Times of Charles II. Antonia Fraser Ed. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1972. 

Erale, Peter. The Life and Times of James II. Antonia Fraser Ed. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1972. 

Millar, John. The Life and Times of William and Mary. Antonia Fraser Ed. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1974. 

Curtis, Gila. The Life and Times of Queen Anne. Antonia Fraser Ed. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1972. 

Kenyon, J.P. The Stuarts. London: Collins, 1958. 

Kitson, Frank. Prince Rupert: Portrait of a Soldier.

Lieselotte von der Pfalz, Elisabeth Charlotte, Duchesse d'Orléans, Madame: Briefe. Haberl, Annedore. (Ed.) Hanser, 1996. 
Lieselotte's letters are most certainly also available in translations into English, for example. An indispensable resource for an eye witness's account of the life at the French court during Louis XIV's reign and beyond. The editor gives explanations after every letter, very fascinating and good reading indeed.

Lillywhite, Bryant. London Coffee Houses: A Reference Book of Coffee Houses of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. London: Allen and Unwin, 1963.
A very specialist subject book, nothing I would buy for a lot of money but second hand a very interesting reference book for the Living Historian.

Mitford, Nancy. Madame de Pompadour. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1968. 
Later, but nevertheless very interesting.

Johnson, Captain Charles. A General History of the Robberies & Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates. David Cordingly Ed. London: Maritime Press, 1998. 

Parker, Derek. Nell Gwyn. Thrupp: Sutton, 2000.
A brand new book and very lovely, I enjoyed it tremendously. She is my favourite for my favourite king.

The Concise Pepys. Ware: Wordsworth, 1997. 

Pepys, Samuel. The Diary of Samuel Pepys. Kenneth Branagh (Narrator) Audiotapes.
Absolutely delightful! I have to drive to work every day from Kent into Essex, and this is wonderful for the car. Of course the fact that Branagh has a voice like smooth chocolate and I lke his acting a lot, helps making it so enjoyable. *grins*

Picard, Liza. Restoration London. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1997. 
An absolutely fantastic book for the 1660s and beyond. Not to be missed! Picard is not a historian but a lawyer and thus interested in 'evidence' which means there is information to be found in the many chapters about just everything concerning everyday life of the different levels of society, one can think of and hope for.

Picard, Liza. Dr. Johnson's London: Life in London 1740-1770. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2000.
Once again not really my period, but very interesting.

Paston-Williams, Sara. The Art of Dining: A History of Cooking and Eating. London: The National Trust, 1993.
Gorgeous book! Beautiful photographs and paintings and also very tasty looking recipes.

Platt, Richard. Eyewitness Guides: Pirate. London: Dorling Kindersley, 1995. 

Sempill, Cecilia. English Pottery and Porcelain. London: Collins, 1957.

Stead, Jennifer. Food & Cooking in 18th Century Britain: History & Recipes. English Heritage, 1985. 

Waller, Maureen. 1700 Scenes from London Life. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 2000.
Great book! What Liza Picard wrote for the Restoration period, Maureen Waller has written for the end of the Baroque period. Indispensable!

Wilcox, L.A. Mr Pepys' Navy. London: G. Bell and Sons, 1966.

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By chance we found a reference to this play, and voila, Ben found it on Amazon. Most invaluable! Where else would one find a more reliable description?!

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This booklet with a foreword by the 11th Duke of Marlborough is obtainable in the Blenheim Palace gift shop.

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Nothing for someone who isn't interested in meticulous figures, but invaluable for research purposes.

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Another one of those wonderful catalogues I couldn't pass without buying ;-) 

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I found this small booklet on eBay for just 1 pound sterling! Only b/w but certainly worth these old booklets, wherever you see one for such a price.

Two Golden Ages: Masterpieces of Dutch and Danish Painting. Statensmuseum for Kunst, Copenhagen & Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 2001. Exhibition catalogue.
I don't believe in 'by chance'... Roseborg castle was closed in the afternoon so we went to the Art museum literally round the corner, and guess what, they had a special exhibition on with masterpieces of Dutch art half of it from the 17th century! It was so wonderful: like meeting finally old acquaintances, which I had studied so many times. The exhibition is on in Copenhagen until the 6th of May 2001.

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A book which is invaluable, because the clear line drawings show the furniture styles. A wonderful quick reference and enjoyable to read.

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I found this lovely book in the Copenhagen National Art Museum bookshop for 100 Krona. What a bargain! *BG*

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Although it is an architectural photographic book it has loads of contemporary paintings and engravings in superb quality.

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