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Please visit the official website of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Victoria & Albert Museum
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1630 1630 1673
Suit of Yellow Slashed and Braided Satin. English, about 1630. Copyright © Board of Trustees Victoria & Albert Museum. Nos: T198 and T58-b-1960. With permission Doublet and Breeches. English, c. 1630. Copyright © Board of Trustees Victoria & Albert Museum. Nos: T577 and T348+a-1905. With permission. Suit from 1673 of brown worsted lined with fiery orange silk and embroidered all over with gold and silver. Copyright © Board of Trustees Victoria & Albert. With permission

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Spectacles Note that spectacles did not have arms before the 18th century when the first so-called 'wig spectacles' turned up. Feather curler Feather curler from the museum of London. (middle)
Purse Gambling purse from kid leather and red velvet. The heavy metal embroidery stiffens the folds and therefore the sides of the purse. Wig Aids Wig curlers and tongs as well as comb from the Museum of London.

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