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All photos taken by B. Levick or N. Kipar
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Female mules Female mules from the 1660s-70s. Red velvet with gold and silver metal embroidery. V&A museum. Note the white kid leather line. Female shoes Female shoes with silk ribbons stitched all over, 1660s. V&A museum.
Jackboots Late 17th century male jackboots. Museum of London. Male mules Male mules in white silk satin, the stitch holes can still be seen where the presumably metal lace had been fastened over along the top of the shoe. V&A museum, 1660s-70s.
Shoes Working class leather shoes, including a child's shoe (on the right) from the museum in Ipswich. Shoe Female shoe made from leather, very square toes, 1660s. Ipswich museum.
Shoes Collection of shoes from Ipswich museum. Jackboots Jackboots from Warwick castle.
Marlburian Marlburian period boots from the National Army Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. Marlburian Jackboots as they would have been worn in the War of the Spanish Succession.

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